I’m just beginning university and I’m interested in healthcare. How could I use overseas physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, community development, or public health?

“We can use many specialities.”

Answer from Sharon, an RN working with Mercy Ships ministry.Pharmacists and public health professionals bring hope and healing to the people here. Surgeries are completed on the ship we live on and we need these professions in the recovery and care of our patients. Public health is used in many ways too.  

Editor’s note: Also look at medicalmissions.com.

“We can use any the above specialties in our hospital.”

We can use any the above specialties in our hospital. I would say that “occupational therapy” is the least well known and I am not sure we could get professional license for that. Physical Therapists, Pharmacists, Community Development and Public Health are vital in any healthcare facility. As you get into your professional training, connect with mission hospitals around the world. Volunteer and go for two to three weeks to shadow and learn how to use medical skills to share the Good News.

Do your very best in all of your training, then go to your appointed country and serve – first of all God who has prepared you and called you. He will use your medical expertise and orchestrate the people that will come who need complete healing: body, soul, and spirit. 

Being a nurse has given me a multitude of opportunities to share the Good News.

Answer from Carol, a nurse who has served with TEAM for thirty-two years in Sri Lanka, India, and the Persian Gulf.

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