How do you explain the need for missions or the role of a missionary to family and friends who believe that “all paths lead to God”? They perceive missions as forcing our faith on others.

Essentially you are asking “How does one share the gospel when the person they are talking to doesn’t feel any need for the Gospel?” And that is where many are in our society today.

In a way, this is a great opportunity to share the Gospel with them. “What is this thing that is so important to you?”

One way of approaching the question is like this –

For all of recorded history we see wars, prejudice, hatred, lying, selfishness.

Many attribute those things to lack of education, or lack of material wealth, or messed up governments, etc.

But I think that Jesus was right when he said the problem is inside of us. We are self-centered. We want what is best for us and ours. And in turn we create systems and societies that are twisted to best serve us.

Jesus said that an internal change is what is needed, that man’s heart needs to change. And he has offered to do that.

There are plenty of people in the US sharing that hope, but few overseas, so you are opting for heading overseas.

 Notice I didn’t say what I thought.

 I told them what Jesus thought. If they reject it, they aren’t rejecting me, and I have nothing that needs to be defended. “Short and sweet” leaves them in the position to ask questions for more. The key concepts are what you are sharing, not all the details. And then let them ask for the details.

Some will not understand or agree:

Sadly, to the world in general, “the preaching of the Gospel is foolishness”. 1 Co 1:18 and 2:14

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”  We try to explain. We try to share why it is so important to us, but it is often a fog to them.

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