“Look into these ministries.”

Here are several ministries that serve in the area of aviation:

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Mission)
JAARS (associated with Wycliffe)
SEND International/Alaska


Answer from Elizabeth, who has served with SEND International in Multiple Asian countries for more than forty years.

“Check out the International Association of Missionary Aviation.”

Get a good overview of who’s who in mission aviation from the International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA). It’s a network of about mission agencies, training institutions, and individuals involved in aviation. The website includes articles on what it takes to be successful in mission aviation, a day in the life of a pilot/mechanic, and a list of opportunities.

You can even post your resume there. IAMA also has a newsletter and holds annual conferences. 

Mission aviation often involves working for a mission agency, flying small planes, and going into remote locations. But some Christian pilots and mechanics also work in “tentmaking” roles employed by commercial airlines.

Becoming a pilot may seem an unattainable dream or a daunting task, but many kinds of training are available. See, for example, the Mission Aviation Flight Training Academy.

Answer from AskaMissionary.com staff.