What kind of opportunities are there for pilots, airplane mechanics, and other aviation specialists to serve in missions?

“Look into these ministries.”

Here are several ministries that serve in the area of aviation:

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Mission)
JAARS (associated with Wycliffe)
SEND International/Alaska


Answer from Elizabeth, who has served with SEND International in Multiple Asian countries for more than forty years.

“Check out the International Association of Missionary Aviation.”

Get a good overview of who’s who in mission aviation from the International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA). It’s a network of about mission agencies, training institutions, and individuals involved in aviation. The website includes articles on what it takes to be successful in mission aviation, a day in the life of a pilot/mechanic, and a list of opportunities.

You can even post your resume there. IAMA also has a newsletter and holds annual conferences. 

Mission aviation often involves working for a mission agency, flying small planes, and going into remote locations. But some Christian pilots and mechanics also work in “tentmaking” roles employed by commercial airlines.

Becoming a pilot may seem an unattainable dream or a daunting task, but many kinds of training are available. See, for example, the Mission Aviation Flight Training Academy.

Answer from AskaMissionary.com staff.

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