I want to be a missionary who does more than just medical or nursing care. How do I deal with the time constraints of a busy profession and still have a personal witness and assist in church planting?

“Medicine is a great door opener.”

Medical skills are in short supply and offer one of the best avenues for gaining access to otherwise unapproachable lost souls all over the developing world. By working with local churches you can give them the opportunity to share Jesus. It isn’t necessary to do other things, since your primary skill (medicine) is the greatest tool to draw them.

Answer from John who served for three years in East Africa with the International Mission Board.

“Find the right setting or agency.”

Do community-based health care rather than working out of a hospital setting. That way you’ll get involved with local churches.

Also look at Mercy Ships. They see their healing ministry as a tool to aid in evangelism, not an end in itself.

“See your work environment as ministry, and invite people into your home.”

 Look at your work environment as ministry. As a doctor you are involved in patients’ lives. Also think of all those you meet: co-workers, taxi drivers, neighbors, colleagues, shop keepers and the list goes one. 

Natural contact leads to invitations to your home. We used this “method” in our tentmaking years in Asia. Our home became mission central where many found the way to the Lord. 

Answer from Ari Rocklin, who served for six years in Asia and North Africa, then served as International Director of Global Intent.

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