How do I find an agency in healthcare missions that fits me?

“Look at these directories, medical groups, and sending agencies.”

1. Look at these directories: 

MedSend Associates
Medical-Dental Mission Outreaches Network
Intervarsity’s Nurses Christian Fellowship

The Christian Medical Dental Association also has a department that would be able to tell you which agencies are involved in medical missions (especially some of the lesser-known or smaller agencies). They even post a list of current needs which can give you an idea of who is doing what, and where.

2. Consider these ministries focused on medical missions:

Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
Flying Doctors of America
MAP International
Medical Ambassadors International

3. Mission agencies that do well with medical missions include:

American Leprosy Missions
Southern Baptist Convention International Mission Board

Answer from

“Ask the agency these questions about healthcare missions.”

Here are some questions you can ask as you’re looking for a good fit:

1. How do you provide for continuing medical education and professional development?

2. What experience do you have with medical missions? 

3. Where are you headed over the next 20 years with medical missions?

4. What are you currently doing in medical missions?

5. What is your approach to providing sustainable medical care?

6. What is your policy/philosophy on turning over medical work to the nationals?

7. What is your view on the relationship between the hospital/medical ministry and the local, national church?

8. Is it possible to do half medical work and half something else?

These questions were developed for a seminar at the annual Global Missions Health Conference. Learn more about this event from the Medical Missions website.

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