Is there a mission organization that can use my experience as a police officer?

“There’s a ministry for everything!”

I encourage you to check out Mission Mobilization International, a ministry by and for police and firefighters, military personnel, and government officials. 

Their website states their vision as “to recruit career and short-term missionaries and teams who have applicable experience and expertise, to work in other countries among the authorities, and to develop contacts to offer practical training and seminars and to present the gospel and disciple the new believers.”

I’d also encourage you to contact some missions agencies to see how God may use your law enforcement experience and/or your life experience.

Answer from AskAMissionary editor John McVay.

“A former police officer is now serving in Central Asia.”

One retired police officer wanted to serve God in a closed country but was not able to find a job as a tentmaker. He eventually found a job at a police academy in Central Asia. He was an English teacher to new recruits that would be largely working in tourist areas of this country. While his skills as a police officer were not directly used, he was the most popular English teacher due to his police background. We call it English for Specific Purposes (ESP).

Answer from Ari in Canada, who has served with Global Intent since 1999.

“You may be able to help with security needs.”

Missionaries in many places face complex safety and security issues and must deal with local police and government officials when crime happens. Police training may not be directly transferable to new locations and cultures, but a trained police or security staff person would be far more capable of relating to national police counterparts than a typical translator or doctor. 

Wycliffe is currently recruiting for security-related work in at least one of the larger centers used by their personnel. The person due to be leaving that role is a policeman, and having him in that role has made a world of difference in dealing with crime, local criminals, and local law enforcement.

Answer from Craig, who has served with SIM International and Wycliffe Bible Translators in Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea for eleven years.

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