How should I get evangelism training?

“Learn to live a life of evangelism; here are some training programs which can help.”

Taking an evangelism course may be helpful, but you would do better to participate in evangelistic efforts through your church or sign up for an experiential training program like one of these:

Café 1040, a three-month intense immersion and training program that places participants in teams overseas.

Global Frontier Missions, which has a five-month missionary training school that combines classroom time with local cross-cultural outreach.

Answer from AskaMissionary staff.

“What you need is hands-on experience.”

There are a lot of good books and videos and whatnot, but nothing beats hands-on experience. You could read tons of books about witnessing, but it would be very different if you were to move to, say, a Muslim country.

The best way to learn would be to find a group or individual that is doing what you hope to do and then ask for an internship opportunity. This would help you learn how to be effective in evangelism in the context in which you desire to serve.

Answer from Johnny, who has served with Arabs for Christ in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Malta, and Turkey for seven years.

“Follow the example of Jesus.”

Use the examples Jesus gave in the Bible. Living Waters Publications offers great training resources for evangelism that use such techniques.

Answer from Ryan, who has served with Missional Evangelists for Jesus Christ in the US.

“Try ‘Training for Trainers.'”

I would say that doing evangelism is the only real way to learn it.

Training for Trainers is a very simple system designed for laymen to train other laymen to train other laymen and so on. The approach is incredibly simple, but not easy. Check out the website for more information.

Answer from Chris in Cambodia.

“You could take a correspondence course.”

Training can be done via a correspondence course if you have to work at your job while preparing for the ministry. There are many viable Word-based Bible colleges that offer courses in missions and evangelism. Use the internet to start your research.

Answer from Rocco in Illinois, who has served with Integrity Ministries in the US for thirty years.

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