How can we pay our bills while working full-time at support raising?

“Continue working and eventually supplement with support income.”

We raised support while my husband continued to work full-time. I took an active role in the process by handling all the paperwork, contacting churches and individuals, and making appointments. It is helpful if you have some flexible work time to make/answer calls.

Once people begin to pledge to your support and begin giving, you may be able to begin to take a partial salary from that income and reduce your work time in order to devote more time to raising support.

It is true that you will need to use your evenings, weekend, and vacation time to travel and meet churches and individuals.

Answer from Carol, who has served with TWR in Caribbean, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Cyprus for 30 years.

“Focus on this. Don’t do anything else.”

We raised support with 4 kids and I was still working full time (though my wife was at home). We dropped out of leadership at our church and cut down on all extracurricular activities. I used all of my vacation time at work to travel to speak at churches.

So, we would drive somewhere on Saturday, speak on Sunday, then I would take Monday off to travel back. We also took advantage of every convenience we could even eating simpler meals. The goal was to invest as much time as we could into support raising to get to the field as quick as possible. It took 11 months.

Answer from David M Hare in Cameroon, who has served with World Team in Cameroon for 7 years.

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