How do I find a service agency? My home church is sending me directly but I need help with newsletters, processing contributions, etc.

“Consider these “umbrella” agencies.”

More Christian workers than ever are looking for such options. Before you go down this route, confirm that your church is not able to meet your administrative needs; some churches can. The church might be in a position to bring you on as a member of the staff, and a group of “senders” in the church might love to help you with communication responsibilities. 

If a service agency is what you need, check out these possibilities:

Answer from AskaMissionary staff.

“Why no agency?”

Consider getting at least an associate status with an agency working where you will work. It is difficult for your church in your home country to actually handle the needs you will face in another country. You can find an umbrella group who will handle your finances, you can do your own newsletters… but when life gets overwhelming, it is wonderful to have some colleagues right where you are who have more experience than you.

Answer from Elizabeth, who has served with SEND International in multiple Asian countries for thirty-eight years.

“Check out Commission To Every Nation (CTEN).”

At the risk of sounding self-serving, I think you need to at least check out Commission to Every Nation (CTEN). Its whole purpose is to work with churches to allow them to do what they can and want to do and to fill in the gaps where the church needs help. Sounds like a perfect fit for you.

Answer from Rick, who served in Guatemala and the USA with CTEN for twenty-four years.

“Consider World Outreach Ministries (WOM).”

Consider World Outreach Ministries. I have had the pleasure of having them as my “home office” since 1986. As a former ministry administrator, I took a good bit of time researching options. Over the years since I’ve chatted with other missionaries about both sending agencies and service agencies. I’ve not yet found one that has all the benefits that WOM has. You can set your clock by them, on time and extremely accurate.

They make [salary] deposits twice a month, rather than once as most do. This really helps with cash flow. Gifts are receipted monthly. And what is a real plus with WOM is that whether donors give that month or not, they get a monthly mailing from WOM on your behalf, along with a return envelope for gifts. This feature alone fulfills one of my key principles: Make it easy for folks to give!

The donor reports show the date, check number, WOM’s deposit number, the donors’ full names and donation amount – handy when writing thank you notes and cards. Mailing lists and labels are available on them, and you can customize your greetings. 

After twenty-five years, I am a very satisfied WOMer!

Answer from Eric in Sweden, who has served with World Outreach Ministries in Sweden, Russia, Norway, Finland, India, Africa, and the Philippines for twenty-seven years.

“We encourage you to look at Mission Quest.”

We have been with Mission Quest for a while. It is such a wonderful ministry that helps processing our donations. They provide a simple and direct forward online access to see your donations 24/7. What I like the most about them is their easy to use online donation system. I encourage you to consider them.

Michael, in New York, adds: 

I have been with Mission Quest for six months, they are trustworthy and dependable.I love their website and their missionary donation pages. I have not had any issues with them so far. They deposit the funds into my bank account as ACH on the first of each month. Their administration fees are lower than all the other organizations I found.

John in Alabama.

“Consider Paraclete and Global Service Network”

I’d add Paraclete ( and Global Service Network (, both of which allow you full freedom to do what God is calling you to, while keeping administrative costs low and offering robust online donor management software. Both come recommended by people I know.

Answer from Bryan in PA.

“Also check out”

Another great service agency is Mission Stream. I don’t work for them but I know the leadership well. They are great people with a passion for God. They have a low processing fee and reliable and personal customer service.

Answer from Jeremy in California, who has served with Global Fellowship for two years.

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