On average, how many people does it take to support a long-term missionary? Is it 30-60 people? 100 people?

“Expect most to support you at $25-100/month.”

You have to account for your overall budget and then figure most people will support you at anywhere from $25 to $100/month. Some will do more. And most churches will do $100-$300/month. It is good to get more supporters so that if one has to drop out of supporting you for various reasons, you can still continue. Just be prepared to write a lot of thank-you cards on a regular basis!

Answer from C.A. who has served in various ways for more than 20 years.

“For us, about 50 individuals and 12 churches.”

In our experience of 30 years on the overseas mission field, having raised a family with four children, we have pretty consistently, by the grace of God, reached our support requirements with a support group of about 50 individuals/families and 12 churches. 

Over the years, of course, people have dropped off due to death, economic hardship, and divorce in families, along with a change of interest in missions. Churches have dropped off due to declining attendance/budget cuts or closings. The Lord has graciously brought new contacts and new regular supporters just when we have needed it.

A very important key is to keep in good contact with your support team. In churches, we have found that to be “adopted” by a small group is key to good communication with that church. For individuals, they receive our quarterly prayer letter, and four “touches” per year from us—Thanksgiving and Easter cards, personalized, and a phone call (even if it’s just a voicemail) two other times. In addition, if they give a gift to a special need, like medical or transfer fund or a personal gift, we write a personal thank-you note.

Answer from Carol who has served with Trans World Radio in Cyprus and several other countries for more than 30 years.

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