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How to start learning a language:



There are a lot of videos on YouTube with tips on learning a new language. Most have some good points. You will quickly see that there are a lot of ways to go about it.

  • You need an effective method for reviewing vocabulary, create a system or routine that works for you and then keep at it!
  • Create a routine for practice! Listen on your drive to work or for 15 min over breakfast.
  • Buy a basic pocket dictionary! Six months in you will probably be ready to buy a thicker, more advanced dictionary, but the basic one is easy to carry with you.

Tips For Language Learning

Learning Vocabulary

  • Create a list of the 20 most common words related to: colors, time, weather, vehicles, actions, prepositions, kitchen, sports, house, the body, emotions, descriptions of people, greetings, family members
  • Great tools for learning vocabulary
  •   6 min,  How to Improve Your Vocabulary – Study Tips – Build Vocab    –  good, covers all the pieces

The Three Principles of Grammar in Modern Language Learning

How Modern Language Learners Dodge 3 Obstacles to Learning Grammar

3 Ways Modern Learners Approach Grammar

Use audio and online courses for the first 100 words and basic grammar. After that they should only be used for reference and nothing more.

Studies have shown that the most common 100 words in any language account for 50% of all spoken communication. The most common 1,000 words account for 80% of all spoken communication. The most common 3,000 words account for 99% of communication.6

Learning Grammar

Learning the Pronounciation

Putting it All Together with Conversation

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  • Tips for learning a foreign language has a good number of excellent articles in their blog section!

Misc Notes

Best Language Learning Q&As on AskAMissionary

This is the topic page on “Tools for learning vocabulary” that I just created in AAM.

Especially the late entry entitled “I wish I had known about language learning and missionary relationships.”

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